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Dolphins are animals that look like a fish but belong to the mammals and are closely related to whales. They are bottle-noised, have a grey, rubbery skin, and a white belly. They are very slight and elegant animals with a body that tapers towards the end. Furthermore, they breathe through a hole on the top of their back. During lifetime, they can reach a size of ca. 1, 2 metres and a weight of 40 kg.



Dolphins live in the water, so they swim by moving the fins, which also are called “dorsals”. These animals are found worldwide, mostly in the shallower seas of the continental shelves, for example in Tadoussac, Canada.

They eat fish and squid. Dolphins were evolved about 10 million years ago and today, they can reach up to 40 years, but their normal life expectancy is 25 to 30 years.




Dolphins have a very friendly appearance and are popular for their great philanthropy; therefore, they are considered to be one of the most intelligent of animals on earth.


Taken from http://www.zoobooks.com/animalsatoz_detail.aspx?q=20&m=2

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